Working with your hands is a great mental and physical exercise that ought to help you forget your problems in a productive way. It is a great hobby for anyone who’s stressed out, because it keeps you from thinking negatively and forces you to focus on the task at hand. For anyone looking for a way to clear their thoughts, sewing might just be the right thing for you.

Not only is it a great hobby, it’s also a good business endeavor. You can make your own clothes and then sell them, as well as repair torn pieces of fabric or repurpose them. You are in full control over your income, as you can work it either full time or only during your spare time.

But whether you’re sewing as a hobby or as a professional, you won’t be able to accomplish any project quickly without a high quality sewing machine. Sure, you can go the manual way if you really like losing yourself deep in your own thoughts. But nothing feels more rewarding than completing your own designs in a matter of hours. And if you’re taking the business route, this is a must-have. A sewing machine is your best friend, regardless of your intentions.

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